Augmented reality for reverse prosthesis implantation

Use of augmented reality for reverse prosthesis implantation

Mixed reality with Stryker is now part of our daily practice, planning, visualisation and other amazing options are now available. I am very happy to share this short video with you.

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George Athwal Michael Freehill MD Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo Ashish Gupta WALCH GILLES JP Warner Julien Berhouet Mike Rice Nick Byrne Bruce Morgan II Delphine HENRY Steven VILMOT Marine GODELU (MAYER) Damien CARIOU Trystan Louboutin Scott Sullivan Jean CHAOUI Erik Porter Vincent SIMOES nicolas neichel Paul Evitt Markus Ochs Matt Kuester Jon J. Ahola Tim Lanier Mike Panos Maya Juenet Charles Hamon Vanessa Garroux Alexandre Piedvache Maud Mallédant Boucard #Blueprint HoloLens Wright Medical IMASCAP (Now part of Stryker) Groupe Vivalto Santé Clinique Victor Hugo (Groupe Vivalto Santé)